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Voice Studio

Rediscover your ‘natural’ speaking voice. Find joy in your unique sounds. Empower yourself so others will listen.

Our training is based on the Linklater Method of “Freeing the Natural Voice”.
©Kristin Linklater

Would you like to re-discover your unique ‘natural’ speaking voice? The one you were born with and used naturally before tension and outside expectations caused it to change? Would you like your voice to be stronger, more responsive and more expressive? Would you like to have more vocal range, resonance and clearer diction? Would you like to be able to speak easily and confidently in any situation?

If you wish to become a more vibrant speaker or reader, a more expressive performer, an actor who is capable of revealing the heart and soul of your characters, or if you simply wish to speak more freely and confidently with your unique ‘natural’ voice, then we can help you to achieve your goals through our group classes, weekend workshops and private instruction.

Our instruction is based on the work of Kristin Linklater and her “Freeing the Natural Voice” method ©. By following a progressive series of exercises, you become aware of how tension can restrict or block your free vocal expression, then you discover ways to release the blocks and develop a stronger voice with more resonance and range, so that you are able to speak with your own unique and natural voice in an open, effortless way. The work connects your voice to ‘what’ you are saying beyond just the words. It is often less the words we say than ‘how’ we say them that emotionally and unconsciously affects a listener.

Actors & Performing Artists - To express the full range of your emotions through your voice and to have the physical freedom to be able to reveal the inner life of the characters you create so that your voice is a window through which we hear and ‘feel’ your character’s thoughts and emotions should be the goal of every actor. Let us help you reach this goal through group classes, weekend intensives or private instruction.

Public Speakers & Storytellers - Speaking from your heart, sharing your thoughts and allowing yourself to be more responsive and expressive will empower your speaking and enable you to truly engage and connect with your listeners. Let us help you develop the confidence and ease that will free you to inspire, engage and excite your listeners. Join a group class, attend a weekend intensive or book private coaching.


We have been a member of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios (TAAS) since 1997 and abide by the TAAS Code of Ethics.