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Courses for Adults



PRIVATE COACHING in Acting & Voice
For Business Professionals, Actors & Students Preparing for Theatre School Auditions

One-on-one coaching offers intensive, personal training tailored to your specific goals, strengths and needs. Ideal for corporate and business professionals who would like to feel more relaxed, powerful, dynamic and ‘present’ when speaking in front of others. Essential for actors and acting students who are preparing monologues and cold-readings for auditions.


instructor: Heather Dick, Artistic Director
Location: Sirius Theatrical Company Studio only.
Private Coaching:
75 Minutes - Day or Evening
$90 + HST ($11.70) / 75 Minutes

$310 (Group of 4 Sessions) + HST ($40)

Semi-Private Coaching:
90 Minutes - Day or Evening
$120 + HST ($15.60) / 90 Minutes

$430 (Group of 4 Sessions) + HST ($56)



This course is a practical approach to scene study that incorporates the teachings of Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen and Kristin Linklater. Each session includes a vocal warm-up, technique exercises, and improvisations to explore the circumstances and characters of the scenes. Explore scenes from both text and environment perspectives. How can the environment of a scene help you to understand more about your character emotionally, physically and mentally? How can you use the environment and activities to reveal more about your character and the relationships between the characters in a scene?

You will have an opportunity to work on two scenes OR one scene and one monologue over 6 weeks and are expected to learn lines and rehearse with your scene partner between classes.

Maximum 10 Actors.

Explore what ISN'T OBVIOUS so that your work becomes DYNAMIC and EXCITING!


"Practical information that I can put to use right away. What a difference in the scenes."

"Heather has a very good eye and is able to communicate well with the actors.
She is clear and direct and extremely supporting at the same time."


Course Details: 6 Classes - 3 hours / class

THURSDAYS - 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
DATES: February 28 - April 4, 2019 (6 Weeks)

Instructor: Heather Dick, Artistic Director
Fees: $300 + $39 (HST)

A SOLID FOUNDATION - The Skills of Acting

This very practical introduction to the art of acting is taught in a positive, creative and dynamic environment. Participants will be introduced to the techniques of Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen and Kristin Linklater. Using acting exercises, improvisation, relaxation, and voice work, participants will explore physical and emotional sensory work and learn practical acting skills that will form the foundation of all future acting studies. This course is also ideal for emerging professionals who seek to feel more relaxed, confident and dynamic on the stage. Maximum 10 Students.


Course Details: 6 Classes - 3 hours / class

TUESDAYS: 6:30 - 9:30 pm
DATES: Winter 2019 - TBA - Please check back in January 2019

Instructor: Heather Dick, Artistic Director
Fees: $300 + $39 (HST)